Real Estate Types of Ways to Close The Deal

Real Estate deals can be done in several different ways.  I’m going to cover some of the most common from the easiest to the more difficult.  You’ll likely not use them all, but it’s good to have an idea of the different ways you can achieve real estate deals so you don’t miss an opportunity when it arises.  

Types of Real Estate Deals You Can Do:

  • Assignment of Contract
  • Assignment of Beneficial Interest
  • Subject To
  • Options
  • Simultaneous Closing
  • Physically Closing

Real Estate Deals


Assignment of Contract

The easiest and most low risk is to do an assignment.  For an assignment, you do not actually buy and sell the property.  You simply get a property under contract and assign that contract over to another person who steps into your shoes and completes the contract.  This is also known as Wholesaling properties.  Whatever terms you negotiated, the person who you assign the contract to will abide by those terms.  You will sell that contract for a higher price and that is what profit you will make for the real estate deal.

Assignment of Beneficial Interest

This is a way to assign a non-assignable contract. 

Subject To

This is a process where you buy real estate property and take over the existing financing.  You will continue to make the payments to the seller’s mortgage company.  


Another way to close a transaction is by doing options.  With an option, you do not have a contract to purchase the property.  You do have an option to buy the property at a given agreed upon price for a set period of time.  You will give the seller money for the option which will be nonrefundable.  He will be locking in the terms for you in exchange for the agreed amount.

Simultaneous Closing

This is having two closings the same day back to back.  You will close on the property and put it in your name and then close right away to the new purchaser you already have a buy/sell agreement with.  Also known as a two-time closing.  

Physically Closing

This is where you actually buy the property yourself and pay for it with your own cash or finance it.  You can finance it different ways.  Some ways are bank financing, going through private money lender or hard money lender.  


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The Art of Building Rapport and Trust in Negotiations


Negotiating is a VERY important part of becoming a successful real estate investor!  It’s important to learn the things to say and the things to do when negotiating with someone selling their house.

Start out by building rapport with the person wanting to sell their house.  Remember you’re negotiating with PEOPLE, not the property.  Be respectful to people and treat them the way you would want to be treated.  In many cases, these are people who have run into a lot of problems and are down on their luck. Emphasize with these people and show them that you care. People do business with people they Like and Trust.  This Golden Rule applies to real estate investing also.  

When you become a real estate investor you will run into people of all kinds and many that are in dire financial and economics situations.  Remember though… Bad Things Happen to Good People.  So never talk down to these people, or treat them like you are better then them, no matter what their situation is.  

Larry Goins talks about these things in building rapport and trust in negotiations in his live recordings of “For Sale By Owners” which is part of the Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine course

Building rapport with the seller is an important part of real estate dealings.  People may forget what you said to them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.  Keep working on your people skills and it will make a huge difference in helping people.  People will want to do business with someone who they feel is helping them.  Larry has a FSBO Script that has the questions to ask that will help you build rapport and move faster when you see a deal.  When negotiating, the key is to get your seller to like and trust you.  Whether it be the seller or a Realtor or even the bank.  People do business with people they know, like and trust.

Building Rapport in Negotiantions of Flipping Houses

Here’s a valuable tip… When you are talking with a prospective home seller and going over things over the phone.  ALWAYS make your first offer over the phone on the first call.  It’s an important thing to do to always be making offers.  That’s how you will get to buying multiple properties a month.

Another Real Estate Investing Million Dollar Idea!

Larry offers several “negotiating” One Liners in his course.  This one is brilliant!  Ask the seller a question that you already know the answer to.  An example would be if it’s a 3 bedroom 1 bath older home built in the 1950s.  Ask them “Does it have a pool?”

Even though you already know that it probably don’t have a pool when they say “No” it doesn’t have a pool.  Say to them… Ohhhh… this will imply to them that you are disappointed that it don’t and give you some leverage in the negotiations.  When you give them the impression that it’s not really what you are looking for it will make them think that you’re not as interested.

Keep in mind… when negotiating… the person who cares the least wins.

Here’s an example:  When you make an offer on a property and they come back with a counter offer.  You don’t have to give them another counteroffer right away.  It is alright to just say no.

Other questions I like to ask them is “Why are you selling?”  What are you going to do with the money?  Also, a really good one to ask is “What would it take for us to do businesss today?

These one liner questions can pay for Larry’s course many times over.  Larry also gives many more one liners on the sudio CD in his course.  Their FSBO form contains 67 questions that you can ask a For Sale By Owner.  These tips can help you get great deals.  There’s a script on page 86 of the course of Larry talking to Realtors.  I recommend you use this script and become familiar and comfortable with it.  What you say and how you say it can change your life.

Real estate investing can be a very lucrative business if you are careful and know the market.  I urge you to do the homework and invest in your education it will pay off in the long run.  Larry covers all the basics and he tells you like it is.  He also tells you how to spot fraudulent practices and that can save you lots of headaches.  

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How to Wholesale Real Estate Property Using the MLS

Wholesale Real Estate from the MLS

The MLS is where 75% of homeowners go to list their home if they wish to sell it. The very first impulse of a homeowner is to call a Real Estate Agent to offer their home for sale. The website that real estate agents utilizes to get the property out into the purchasing world is the MLS

The MLS is a cash cow for Real Estate Wholesalers. The only thing that is stopping lots of wholesalers from accessing this profusion of offers is illiteracy on ways to move a home noted on the MLS over to an end purchaser and make money.

The first thing that you have to do is discover a Real Estate Agent. They are the secret that unlocks the MLS. Without them or without having a real estate license you can not access the MLS not to mention make deals or offers through the MLS. Let’s say they are the “Gatekeepers” to the MLS and you have to go through the Gatekeeper to obtain what you are looking for!

You need to search for a Real Estate Agent with an open mind ready to deal with you and for you (The Real Estate Wholesaler) in this situation. Let them understand that by dealing with you they will not just make a commission, but you will be helping them sell quite a few more homes by dealing with you. Many of the MLS homes are listings that have actually been on the MLS for 90 days or more. These listings would be coming to an end so I am basically assisting the Agent by presenting the property owner to my Real Estate Investors list and assisting the seller with an offer for a home that is not selling.

The distinction between a Real Estate Wholesaler and a Real Estate Agent is that we invest the majority of our time constructing our Investor purchaser’s list. Wholesalers (if their doing it the right way) develop their Investor purchaser’s list with active purchasers, financiers and so on. Prior to them even securing deals. The purchasers list is the structure that wholesaling is built on and every excellent wholesaler invests 90% of their time developing that list.

Whole Sale Real Estate


In a down Real Estate market you need to have the ability to discover lots of real estate companies ready to assist you through this process. After all they presently have more homes than they have purchasers so they would, in fact, benefit by having the ability to present MLS homes to your purchasers list.

Although here in 2017 the market is turning around. There is starting to be more buyers out there than houses for sale. This is good if you can find a good deal because it will be much quicker easier to flip.

Have your Realtor send you homes that … 1.) Remain in your market location. 2.) Have descriptions such as “Motivated Seller”, Handy man special”, “Make an Offer” and so on. 3. Have actually been in the MLS for 90 days or more. * You can likewise utilize this technique for Short Sales and REO homes.

I recommend you offer your deal on the home at 30% lower than the asking price. This guarantees sufficient room to make a wholesale profit.

If you get a deal accepted you will need 3 things for this wholesale deal, called Instant Equity Exchange (IEE). All files need to be signed by you and the seller. You can access these files at

Seller’s Acknowledgment and Investor Disclosure Agreements plainly describe to the seller that you are an investor which you have objectives of offering the equity in the agreement to another purchaser and earn a profit. This agreement MUST be signed by both you and the seller.

Investor Purchase Agreement is your basic buy – sell agreement or purchase agreement. 1. Your name as purchaser. 2. The Amount that you are agreeing to pay for the home and the amount of your charge (ex. acquiring for 50k + cost 10k so 60k goes on the purchase arrangement). The Investors Disclosure Agreement and Seller’s Agreement divulges your charge. These agreements will guarantee you earn money at closing from the purchase cost.

Discharge of Agreement To Purchase is the last agreement that will be required. This is the agreement that you will have to get signed when you have actually found a purchaser. You will go to the seller and let them know you have a purchaser. You have actually revealed to them your intent of finding a purchaser so they are not surprised when you inquire to sign this agreement. At this time you are assisting the seller and purchaser draft up a brand-new purchase contract between them. As soon as the new agreement and the Discharge of Agreement to Purchase is signed you can through out your initial Purchase Agreement between you and the seller.

The Investors Disclosure Agreement and Seller’s Acknowledgment together with the Discharge of Agreement to Purchase will function as your billing to be paid at closing. You will simply hand these 2 files to the closing Agent or Title Company and be paid your agreed price at closing.

For ways to find a house to flip go here.


TSR Real Estate Ventures, LLC buys and sell houses to flip for a profit.  If you have a house to sell, please contact us.  

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Ways to Discover A Home to Flip – 6 Smart Actions

Although there are a lot of distressed homes out there, it can be extremely hard to discover the best home to flip for you in your area. Below are the very best suggestions and strategies for effective home searching that our flipping consumers have actually utilized. Utilize these methods to discover a home to flip that will likewise be a clever residential or commercial property financial investment.

1) Hire a Real Estate Agent That Specializes in REO


” REO” means Real Estate Owned and usually implies a home that is held by a loan provider as an outcome of a defaulted loan. The majority of these houses will have gone through a substantial foreclosure and possibly an expulsion procedure if the owner would not leave. It’s most likely that the last residents did hardly any upkeep of the home throughout the tendency of their home loan default, foreclosure and expulsion duration. As an outcome of their disregarded condition, a lot of these residential or commercial properties will be priced well listed below market price. That’s excellent news for you.

Numerous loan providers and loan services align themselves with a small groups of real estate agents that focus on offering these kinds of homes. The crucial key to discovering these ignored bargain-priced residential or commercial properties is to deal with a real estate agent who have a proven track on real estate listings and brand-new rehab houses on the marketplace. You can typically discover them by doing a web search for “REO property representatives” and “REO brokers” within a particular geographical location. They will understand the best ways to discover the very best homes to flip in their location.

Best Cities to Flip a Home

2) Join Real Estate Investment Groups

Numerous locations have regional financial investment groups that fulfill regularly to offer academic and networking chances for their members. Often, they will have realty listings on their site or in regular monthly newsletters, and so on and provide you access to home financial investment suggestions. They may even have a recommendation network of flippers that assist each other to discover homes to flip. Among the very best methods to discover investing groups is through, which offers a transparent list of investing groups in each state. Groups that RFG are most knowledgeable about consist of Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association (CTREIA) in Connecticut and Diversified Investment Group (DIG) in Southeastern Pennsylvania. These are simply a couple, however it will end up being clear when you begin browsing simply how easy it is discovering one near you. Such groups likewise offer instructional workshops, online concerns and response resources and newsletters to assist in a more comprehensive business and take full advantage of chances in your location. It is well worth signing up with a group and going to them routinely no matter your level of experience in realty investing– plus you’ll be the very first to learn about brand-new homes to flip on the marketplace.

3) Align Yourself with a Wholesaler

Wholesalers are individuals in business of discovering rehabilitation homes, putting them under agreement and after that finding an instant purchaser who will basically carry out under the initial agreement in the wholesaler’s location, paying a cost to the wholesaler for being the intermediary. Although this is not the most cost efficient approach of discovering a home to flip, it might be really time effective and conserve your loan in the long run. A lot of these wholesalers discover homes to flip as their full-time task and are well linked in specific communities and to particular representatives and sellers. You can normally discover these wholesalers at property financial investments groups and through web searches.

You also don’t have the risk of putting out your own money as a wholesaler. If you’re in a tight spot where you can’t borrow the money for a fixer upper this could be your answer.

4) Find Lists on the Internet

There are a wide variety of lists offered on the web that list distressed residential or commercial properties, foreclosures and short sales. Depending upon the list, they might be arranged by city, town or even postal code. These lists are an excellent resource when searching for a home to flip. A lot of these lists are offered totally free and some should be acquired. Start with the totally free lists as you might discover exactly what you require. Particularly with today’s media possibilities, it is being far more easy to discover listings that would make lucrative home flipping projects.,, and are simply a few of the numerous readily available to an investor. Simply make certain when searching for homes for yourself that you have a general idea of exactly what makes the very best markets for flipping homes.

5) Review Foreclosure Sale Lists

If you have the capability to pay cash money for a financial investment residential or commercial property, you might do extremely well purchasing a residential or commercial property at a county foreclosure sale. The lists are released by counties a number of weeks prior to the sales and you have the chance to scope out the residential or commercial properties in advance in a lot of cases. Be sure, nevertheless, that while you can see the residential or commercial property from the street, you may not check them or trespass on the subject home to obtain a much better look. There is a lot more risk in purchasing a home without the chance to see the entire thing, however there is frequently excellent posspective for a good income in these residential or commercial properties. The majority of counties need that you put 10% of the purchase cost down at the sale, in money or licensed funds, which you settle within 30 days. If you do not settle, you lose your deposit, so this approach of purchasing residential or commercial properties is not for the faint of heart!

6) Check Out the Neighborhood You Want to Buy In

Numerous purchasers own around the area where they wish to find a home to flip and recognize prospective residential or commercial properties to acquire. Usually, they choose residential or commercial properties that are common in building and construction design for the area however program indications of overlook and delayed upkeep. They then browse land records to determine the owners of the home and connect to them by mail or telephone with a deal to buy the home. Our clients report a good rate of success with this technique and even though the owner may not wish to sell at the time, they might wish to sell the home in the future.

Being wise in your house investing can be really difficult and you will have to use numerous techniques to discover the best one for you (keep in mind: discovering prospective homes is just half the fight; you likewise need to understand the best ways to pick the best home to flip from amongst your numerous choices). Putting in a little additional effort when searching for a home to flip will pay off in the end. You will make a great deal of deals that will be declined, however eventually, if you stick with it and remain focused, you will achieve success in discovering simply the best residential or commercial property. Would you like more information on ways to inform if a home it right for you? 

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