I’m Todd Rutledge.  My wife and I have gotten into flipping houses together.  We’ve learned from one of the top real estate courses out there.  While we are still learning we have learned a lot from the training.  I highly recommend anyone having a chance to attend a live event, that you take advantage of it and go.  

I have been a licensed builder and have sold modular homes and taken care of the general contracting for over 20 years.  I own a business south of Jackson Michigan where we have a model home and sales center.  If you are looking to build in the lower part of Michigan be sure to check us out at Legendary Homes Inc.

Before getting my builders license I had gotten my real estate license.  A couple years after I had gotten my real estate license we started doing pretty well with listing and selling for our rural area.  After having a couple good years we (my parents and me) decided we would put up a spec house in Waldron.  It took a while but it eventually sold.  We did two more spec homes in Waldron before moving our business to Clarklake MI.  

It went really well being closer to a bigger city and we did well.  Then we had the real estate crisis of 80 and 09.  It was a really rough time.  We went several years without with only selling one or two homes.  We made it past that time at least and things are going better.

I had considered and even looked at getting a house to work on and flip.  It wasn’t until I married again in 2015 when my wife was interested in flipping houses also that we got into house flipping.  She had gone to a seminar where they offered a 3-day live training to teach more.  I went with my wife for this training and we decided to sign up for the “major” training.  

While the training was a very good training it was very expensive.  I highly recommend that you get the training to help you move forward.  If you would like ideas of what training would suit you, please contact me and I’d be more than happy to assist you with that.

It was the training that got us to “take action”.  We found our first deal to flip and got our financing taken care of and bought a house to flip.  We did pretty well for our first house together.  We more that doubled out money.  I have a full step by step case study that I think you will find real value.  You can sign up for my here

Case Study
How We More Than Doubled Our Money on a House Flip Deal
This was our First House Flipping Deal